leaping fish by arthur intermill

The Whimsical World of Fishing with Sam

leaping fish by arthur intermill

This is another poem about fishing by Arthur Intermill, our resident literary and artistic genius.

Art creates amazing hunting poems, fishing poems, and short stores about the great outdoors.

He also makes breathtaking unique artwork celebrating hunting, fishing and outdoor life.

You can view more of Art’s work here.

He also creates unique and original artwork celebrating the great outdoors.

The Whimsical World of Fishing with Sam

In a land of rivers and sparkling seas,
Where the fisherman cast their lines with ease,
There lived a fellow, a jolly old soul,
With a fishing rod and a fishing goal.

His name was Sam, with a hat so tall,
He loved to fish, it was his greatest thrall.
With a twinkle in his eye and a joyful cheer,
He'd wake up early, the fish to appear.

He packed his tackle, his bait, and his net,
Ready to catch a fish he'd never forget.
He skipped down the path, so full of delight,
His heart all a-flutter, his spirits taking flight.

He reached the river, its waters so clear,
A paradise for fish, both far and near.
With a flick of his wrist and a graceful swing,
He cast his line, oh, what joy it would bring!

The fish were astir, they danced in the tide,
Curious creatures, swimming side by side.
They nibbled and tugged, testing his might,
But Sam was determined, he'd win the fight.

He reeled and he pulled, with all of his might,
His rod bent and swayed, a magnificent sight.
The fish leaped and splashed, putting up a fuss,
But Sam, he was patient, he wouldn't give up.

With a final heave and a mighty strain,
He landed the fish, his prize to obtain.
A rainbow trout, oh, what a splendid sight,
Glistening scales, colors shining so bright.

He admired his catch, a grin on his face,
A testament to his skill and fishing grace.
He gently released it, back to the river it went,
For fishing was more than just the event.

It was the joy of nature, the thrill of the chase,
The peacefulness found in this tranquil place.
Sam thanked his Lord for the joy of the day,
As he headed back home, with memories to replay.

So if you ever wander, near river or sea,
Take a moment to fish, just like Sam, you see.
With patience and wonder, in fish-catching style,
You'll find the true wonder, and bring forth a smile.

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