massive Canadian octopus caught

Canadian Fishermen Snag Giant Octopus

Canadian fisherman catches octopus

A fishing trip along the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, ended up with catching more than they bargained for.

As fisherman retrieved a fishing trap from the Pacific waters, where they were fishing for crabs and prawns.

Instead, the fishermen found that a massive orange-colored octopus was seen.

The creature had its tentacles wrapped around the trap box, freaking out those on board the ship.

You can watch a video of the monstrous octopus below:

Vancouver Island resident Brooke Sattar was on board for the fishing trip and recorded video of the catch. According to Sattar:

When we first started pulling the trap up, it was super heavy. So we just thought it was a pretty full prawn trap. It was orange, just like prawns. We were like, ‘this trap is so full,’ and then as it was surfacing, we were like, ‘oh my gosh, that is a huge octopus.’ I was just super excited to actually see it. I love ocean life and was very excited and surprised.

The octopus is believed to be a Northern Giant Pacific Octopus, or Giant Pacific Octopus. These are often found in the area where this particular octopus was caught.

The octopus is a very intelligent animal that lives alone. It only gets together with others of its kind to mate.

The giant octopus captured on video held on for only a few minutes, then released its tentacled grasp on the fishing trap and swam off through the water.

Additional Sources: Global News

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