Florida man beats shark with hammer

Florida Surf Fisherman Catches Shark, Pummels It With Hammer

Florida fisherman beats shark with hammer

A central Florida surf fisherman caught a shark, then violently pummeled it with a hammer before dragging it back out into the water.

The incident was caught on an oceanfront beach cam belonging to Harbour House Oceanfront, a wedding and event venue in Bicentennial Beach Park near Indian Harbour Beach in Brevard County, Florida.

Video footage shows the fisherman dragging the apparently live shark a short distance, then hitting it in the head repeatedly with a hammer. A second man, believed to be a companion to the first man, is seen walking away, then coming back.

After apparently being satisfied the shark is dead, the first man then drags the shark out into the Gulf waves, where he lets it go.

You can watch video footage of the event below:

Ken Wells, who frequents the beach, has seen the fisherman catch and keep sharks in the past.

According to Wells:

“I don’t know that he did anything wrong if he’s keeping the shark and eating it. But if he’s not and he’s just killing it, then that would be another problem.”

Investigators from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have positively identified the fisherman shown beating the shark.

It is unknown at this time if the man is being charged with any fish and game violations.

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