DIY fishing rod holder for garage

DIY Fishing Rod Holder for Garage

DIY fishing rod holder in garage

Do you have some empty wall space on the wall in your basement or garage? If so, here’s a simple DIY fishing rod holder for the garage!

DIY Fishing Rod Holder for Garage

I had a problem. I kept my fishing rods in the garage, but didn’t have a way to organize them and keep them off the floor.

And sure enough — one of my rods broke when it was left leaning against the wall and it fell over and got stepped on.

So I had to figure out a way to hang my rods on the garage wall to keep them safe!

I knew you could drill into concrete or spend hours doing fancy woodworking. But I didn’t really want to make a huge project out of it.

So I looked online for how to hang fishing poles on a concrete garage wall, but nothing helpful came up.

Next I went to the local hardware store to see if there was some kind of stick-on fishing rod rack that I could use to hang my poles. But I found nothing….

That’s when I came up with my own way to do it!

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How to Hang Fishing Rods in Garage

I have to say this was just about the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done.

It literally took me about 15 minutes — and it was done!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • One board (I used a leftover 1-in x 2-in furring strip)
  • Cup hooks (I used 7/8 inch hooks)
  • Construction adhesive (needs to work with concrete, like Loctite Power Grab)

Here are the steps to do your own DIY garage fishing rod holder:

DIY garage fishing pole holder
  1. Cut your board to the desired length. Based on the wall space I had available, my board was cut to 18 inches. You can use whatever size board you want or have available. A 1-in by 2-in furring strip worked perfectly for my space.
  2. Hold your board up against the wall. Use a level and draw a straight line so you know where to position the board.
  3. Decide how many screws you want to use and where to screw them on the board. Be sure to look up to see where the floor joists are positioned. You don’t want the hooks to be lined up with the joists. Otherwise, the rods may run into the overhead joists.
  4. Run a line of construction adhesive down the back of the board and stick it into place.
  5. Firmly press the board against the wall for several minutes to create a solid bond. I had a lot of humidity at the time of the project, so I let the adhesive set for several hours before hanging my fishing rods.

That’s it!

This is really a simple DIY project and a great way to organize and keep your fishing poles off the garage floor where they could get broken.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Happy DIY’ing!

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