Illinois hairless deer

Hairless Deer Tagged in Illinois

An Illinois hunter got the shock of his life when the deer he shot was found to have no hair.

Jay Kehrer was hunting with family in Hamilton County, Illinois when he harvested the hairless buck.

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In a Facebook post, Kehrer reported that he had been watching the deer for some time with his SPYPOINT Trail camera.

Depending on the amount of lighting, on video footage the deer looked either red or brown.

Kehrer nicknamed the deer “Hershey” due to its apparent chocolate coloring.

But after shooting and trailing the deer, Jay and his son Lucas found that the deer was actually “naked.”

According to Kehrer:

It wasn’t truly understood what he was until Lucas and I walked up to him at the end of the short blood trail. Lucas and I just stood there in shock at to what we were looking at. We circled it several times trying to grasp just what we were looking at. We couldn’t find anything wrong with it except it was naked! 

The family reached out to local game wardens and a state biologist. It was determined that there was nothing unusual about the deer other than being hairless.

Kehrer had the deer butchered and taxidermied.

The butcher noted that it had less fat than most deer because the deer burned more fat than others due to being hairless.

Jay has received a lot of comments about this once-in-a-lifetime deer, saying, “This is definitely not something you see every day.”

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