drunk Georgia man fires shotgun to scare deer

Intoxicated Georgia Man Fires Shotgun to Scare Deer

drunk Georgia man fires shotgun to scare away deer
Drunk Georgia man blares loud music and fires shotgun to scare away deer

Two Georgia men informed police that someone fired a shotgun at them while hunting deer in Monroe County.

According to a Monroe County Sheriff’s report, one of the men heard loud music and then a gunshot “aimed in his direction.”

The other hunter came out of the woods and noticed a man holding a shotgun on a porch.

The Sheriff’s Department investigated and talked to the man alleged to have fired the shotgun.

The man reportedly told investigators he had “turned his radio up very loudly to try and scare the deer away.” He also confessed to shooting his shotgun but denied firing it at the deer hunters.

Investigators also noted that the man was drunk, admitting to having eight shots of Tequila during an all-night drinking and movie-watching binge .

The suspect was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

Additional Sources: Macon Telegraph

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