Painting of a woodland bow hunter

The Hunter’s Prey

This poem is by Arthur Intermill, our resident literary and artistic genius.

Art creates amazing hunting poems, fishing poems, and short stores about the great outdoors.

He also makes breathtaking unique artwork celebrating hunting, fishing and outdoor life.

You can view more of Art’s work here.

painting of hunter archer
The Hunter’s Prey by Arthur Intermill
Hunting through the forest, I am on the prowl
Until I see my prey, I won't stop scouring
Taking aim, I wait for the perfect moment
Time stands still as I release the arrow
I am the hunter, and this is my game
Nature's secrets are mine to claim
Gladly I pursue, my hunger for the hunt

Never satisfied, always on the front
The thrill of the chase, the rush of the kill
My heart races, my senses feel
Each hunt a new adventure, a new story to tell
Of courage and cunning, of triumph and spell

As I move through the woods, alone with the herd
The rustling leaves and the calls of the birds
Are music to my ears, a symphony of the earth
With every step, I feel more alive
As the pulsing instinct within me thrives

The hunt is not just for food, it is for the soul
To connect with the land, to fulfill dominion's role

So I will continue to hunt, to seek and to find
To cherish the gifts that my Creator provides
And in the end, when my time has come
Return to the earth, as my soul lives on

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