deer runs through Michigan pet supply store

Deer Rampages Through Michigan Pet Supply Store

deer runs wild through Michigan pet supply store
Photo Source: Premier Pet Supply

A young buck crashed into the front door of a Michigan pet supply store, then ran wildly through the 10,000 square foot store for three minutes before making its escape.

The deer ran through Premier Pet Supply of Beverly Hills, Michigan, surprising customers and knocking over products.

Store owner Mike Palmer was in his office when he heard a commotion and yelling about a deer rampaging through his store.

According to Palmer:

“I ran out there and saw the deer run literally 2 feet in front of me and it was really startling. And honestly, it’s one of those scenarios, I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I can pretty much handle any situation that’s happened…. I had no idea how to handle that situation. It was absolutely crazy.”

Amazingly, no one was hurt and only a few store items were knocked over during the deer’s frenzied race around the premises.

Customers chased the deer toward the store entrance. A male customer pushing a shopping cart then carefully prodded the deer outside.

Thankfully, there were no dogs in the store, as dogs are often present during store shopping hours.

According to Palmer:

“It was a scary situation because you don’t know if he’s gonna go in attack mode and defense mode, just to protect itself, which is expected, but we also wanted to just safely corral it outside and didn’t really know how to do that. It was as scared as we were.”

After escaping from the store, the deer almost got hit by a car, then ran off into a nearby park, apparently uninjured.

You can watch a video of the deer’s rampage below:

Additional Sources: Detroit Free Press

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