Shark Fishing by Arthur Intermill

A Shark Fisher’s Tale (A Poem)

Shark Fishing by Arthur Intermill
Shark Fishing – Original Artwork by Arthur Intermill

Oh, the joys of shark fishing
It's the best kind of wishing
For a thrill that's quite vicious
But also quite delicious

You'll need a big rod and reel
And a boat that's quite keel
A cooler filled with ice
For the catch of the day, quite nice

But beware, oh fisher of shark
These creatures can leave a mark
Their teeth sharp and their bites strong
They won't hesitate to do you wrong

So keep a safe distance, dear friend
Or your fishing trip may come to an end

But if you're brave and you're bold
And your heart is pure gold
You'll catch a shark, yes you will
And your fishing tales will give you a thrill

So come on down to the sea
And give shark fishing a try
You'll have a blast, I guarantee
It's the catch of a lifetime, oh my!

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